Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey)


Welcome to the official website of the Channel Islands Occupation Society (Jersey) We are a non-political, voluntary organisation, dedicated to the preservation and recordal of all aspects of the German Occupation of Jersey during the Second World War.

The Society has now restored several fortification sites, which may be visited by the public at advertised times. This is a remarkable achievement, especially when it is considered that, a few decades ago, German fortifications were still viewed as "scars on the landscape", and that very few, if any, of the present-day European organisations dedicated to this kind of activity even existed.

Founded in the early 1970s, we are a Jersey Registered Charity which is entirely run by volunteers. Meembers are entitled to free entry at any of the fortifications we manage and may participate in any of our members-only events and tours. Members also receive an annual Occupation Review, a Journal of the Channel Islands Occupation Society and published alternately by the Jersey and Guernsey Branches.


Opening times this year

Strongpoint Corbiere

‘bring your own torch’ (lights out) opening this Saturday 20th 5- 8 pm.

Millbrook bunker

 September 18th 11-3 pm

Batterie Moltke

August  21st 11-4 pm

Noirmont Command Bunker

August 28th 1-5 pm

Admission is £5 per adult and under 16s free.