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Join the Channel Island Occupation Society


About us

The CIOS (Channel Islands Occupation Society) is a voluntary charity dedicated to protecting and preserving all aspects of the Island’s unique Second World War heritage. We boast some of the best-preserved fortifications today that originally formed and defended part of Hitler’s “Atlantikwall”, which stretched from inside the arctic circle of northern Norway to the French/Spanish border, with about 10% of the fortifications constructed found in the Channel Islands! Thanks to the voluntary work of the CIOS, now spanning over 45 years, these structures attract both experts and those with a general interest in the Occupation with displays including first-hand accounts of soldiers of both sides, the forced labours used to build the fortifications through to civilian life and the Allied battles that took place to help Liberate Europe and remember those who sacrificed their lives for this goal.

Become a member

By becoming a member, you can actively participate in the Society’s work or support us through your yearly subscription. With a reputation as the ‘go to’ Society for information regarding the Occupation, the CIOS also has an extensive archive with Jersey Heritage. We welcome new members from all backgrounds to join our volunteers to help open and maintain sites.

So if you’re interested please get in touch with for more details or print off the form below!

For the latest updates and details of opening times please follow us on Facebook 

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