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The best-preserved collection of German Second World War defence works in Western Europe

During the Occupation the Germans fortified the Islands out of all proportion to their strategic value, in order to fulfil Hitler's personal directive that they be turned into "impregnable fortresses". Hitler was obsessed with the idea that the Allies would try to regain the islands at any price, and issued "Construction Orders" that resulted in over 20% of the material that went into the so-called 'Atlantic Wall' – a line of massive defence works which stretched from the Baltic to the Spanish frontier – being committed to the Channel Islands.

CIOS Jersey

Noirmont Point, St Brelade, Jersey

M-132 Underground Command Bunker and MP 1 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower

Battery Lothringen has the distinction of being the only Kriegsmarine battery in Jersey. Thousands of tourists and locals alike who come to Noirmont Point each year to take in the beautiful views, often stand on the former No.2 gun position.



Les Landes, St Ouen, Jersey

15.5cm Gun Emplacements & Underground Passage Bunkers, and MP 3 Naval Artillery Direction and Range-finding Tower

There are few distinguishing landmarks, but look for the signs at the entrance to the track onto Les Landes Common at the top of the steep hill above L'Etacq.


STP Corbiere.jpg

Corbiere, St Brelade, Jersey

M19 Automatic Fortress Mortar & interconnected Sechsschartentürm Heavy MG Turret Bunker, and 10.5cm Coastal Defence Gun Casemate

Scattered across this popular tourist attraction are an impressive array of fortifications, in a variety of types. The Society has restored several and works to open more to the public are in progress.



Millbrook, St Lawrence, Jersey

Type 631b 4.7cm Anti-Tank Gun Casemate

This bunker can be found on the sea wall adjacent to the cycle track and Old Station Café at Millbrook, Victoria Avenue.



La Mare Mill, St Peter, Jersey

Sechsschartentürm Heavy Machine-Gun Turret Bunker

Situated on the high ground at the junction of Le Mont Rossignol and Route du Moulin to the rear of the Les Mielles Golf & Country Club in St. Ouen's Bay; car parking and access to the bunker is in Route du Moulin, beside the prominent German railway bridge and Bethesda Methodist Chapel.


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